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Narborough Primary Academy

Vision & Values

Nar Valley Federation 

Our Vision and Values

Our Christian vision is rooted in theology, centered round biblical texts, Matthew Ch 5 V16, which gives us our motto “Let your light Shine” and Luke Ch 10 V25-37, the Good Samaritan. Our vision is one of personal excellence, being the best person you can be (‘Captain of your own learning) and letting your light shine both in the sense of talent development and modelling our values, but also being a good team member (‘Crew member’) using those values to support others, exactly as the Good Samaritan did.

We provide opportunities for every individual to thrive, grow and learn, confidently letting their light shine, which means celebrating your strengths and being proud of what you can do, whilst striving to be the best you can be in every situation.

Our values are explored through different parables so that our children build their understanding of how to learn, play and be in school alongside others successfully, contributing to our school and wider community. 

Our vision of learning is as a journey along life’s river, sailing through smooth and choppy waters, being Captain of your own learning, and responsible for yourself, but also a strong Crew member who helps our boat sail well. Our children are asked to make good Choices for Learning and to ensure that they are always on the boat along with the rest of the team. Our Teams (houses) are named after the boats of captains or voyagers who have embodied our values and striven to let their light shine. We see Courageous Advocacy as being represented by a lighthouse in life’s rocks – the sum of living our values and then using those to stand for what is right, what you believe in and supporting others to work together to make change.