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Narborough Primary Academy


Parents/Carers are a very important part of our school community and we know that the very best education comes when Parents/Carers and school work as partners in a child’s learning. You are the first educators of your child, and you know them best, so your input is valued and encouraged. 

During the Reception year, we like you to  contribute to  your child's Learning Journey online (via Tapestry) or Class Dojo, with activities the children have undertaken at home. The reading diary is a valuable way of sharing information about children’s responses to their books and we encourage parents to write in this each time they share a book or hear their children read.  

Home learning -homework - is focused on practising and reinforcing basic skills, such as number bonds, multiplication tables, spelling and reading.  We don't want homework to be arduous or a source of stress for families at home, so we have chosen mainly online, short, accessible tasks so that you can support your children without it taking hours. Little and often is the best way!

In school we formally meet with Parents/Carers to discuss  your child’s progress in the Autumn and Spring term at Parent and Pupil Evenings and we provide an annual written report in the summer term, together with the opportunity to meet with either your child's current teacher or their teacher for the coming year. The annual report contains details of any formal tests your child has sat. 

Teachers also have regular,  informal contact with Parents/Carers - please see our Communication Strategy on this website. 

At the beginning of each school year we ask all Parents/Carers to sign a Home School Agreement, which sets out how we share responsibility for the care and education of our pupils.

It is really important that you let us know about anything that may be bothering or upsetting your child such as any family circumstance that could mean they are struggling - come and talk to us and we can discuss the right support for your child. This might be just keeping an extra eye on them or signposting or seeking further support. 

It is lovely if family members can help at school, either regularly in class or at special events or on trips. Relevant safeguarding checks and induction will need to take place before helping in school and there is a comprehensive set of guidance and documentation in order to keep the children safe which we will help you with. We'd love to see you in school, so please do get in contact. 

Thank you for being involved in and contributing to the best education for your child. Your children are unique, special and individuals to us at our Federation and we are proud to be your chosen school. 

"The best thing about our school is that if something's going on, school notices and sorts it out."

Pupil comments on being at Narborough